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Absorb Every Moment

I’m at college right now, sitting in my dorm room, thinking about the way things have gone. I had one of the best years of school in my life because I opened up and became who I wanted to be; someone I was proud of. I stopped caring what other people thought about me. But then I met the girl of my dreams. That is what made senior year, and the summer, the best year of my life. But now I am at college, sitting in my dorm room, two hours away from her. Since neither of us have a car it will be a whole three months before I see her. I never thought I would miss something as much as I miss her. With her I feel at home, I feel safe. I know we will last through this because the bond we have is indescribable. The people reading this (like anyone will) are probably like ew gross cheesy relationship. But we aren’t. We are different. We live our own lives, text barely at all during the day (usually just to catch up and make sure the other person isn’t dead), and talk at night before we go to sleep. When we are together we aren’t all over each other yet we have this passion and flame that keeps everything feeling fresh and new. We could do the same thing every day we hang out and it would still feel like it was a first date. And the things this girl has done for me, lets just say she went out of her way to keep me alive, fed, and she bathed me at one point (not my proudest moment). 

But when push comes to shove, this girl is the girl of my dreams, the one i want to spend the rest of my life with. YES I KNOW I’M YOUNG. SO WHAT. She gives me a reason to wake up so that we can exchange good mornings and we can go throughout our day. She changed me, she makes me want to be safer, be smarter, make better decisions. 

So my story is cherish every moment because yes, distanced love is possible, but you do not know exactly when the next time you are going to see that person. It could be three months but what if something complicates that? Love is beautiful and everyone deserves to feel it. So make sure that everyone you love knows it. 



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